Please take a moment and imagine yourself decked out in eye-catching carnival costumes that shouts vibrancy and just oozes style. Yes, This is what 11 Threads Roma offers you. Our design philosophy is a spectacular mashup of stunning aesthetics, sexy vibes, and a tribute to the rich carnival culture of our time.

We are the maestros of carnival couture, curating pieces for the free-spirited showstoppers out there. Oh, and did we mention that our work has been featured at Carnivals in Trinidad, St. Lucia, Jamaica, Barbados & Toronto?

From feathered headpieces to bejeweled bodysuits, every item is a showcase of craftsmanship and expression. Witness the spectacle of sartorial boldness with 11 Threads Roma.

All our carnival costumes are custom made, according to your specifications! Contact us to get a custom carnival costume