About Us

The Essence of 11 Threads Roma

Discover the narrative behind 11 Threads Roma, where the creative synergy of Shane Ramnarine and Luca Di Berardino converges to redefine the pinnacle of style and luxury.

The Fusion of Flair and Style

In the heart of 11 Threads Roma lies the dynamic partnership between Shane Ramnarine, native to the vibrant landscapes of Trinidad, and Luca Di Berardino, a connoisseur of Italian elegance. Shane's journey, rooted in the carnival aesthetics of the Caribbean, seamlessly intertwines with Luca's entrepreneurial spirit, forging a brand that marries the vivacity of the Caribbean with the timeless allure of Italian luxury.

Our Aesthetic: Where Caribbean Elegance Meets Italian Style

At 11 Threads Roma, our commitment is to deliver distinct designs that harmonize Caribbean elegance with Italian style. Each piece is an exquisite blend, meticulously crafted to capture the essence of both cultures. Our swimwear, resort wear, and glam wear redefine contemporary fashion, offering an unparalleled experience in elegance and forward-thinking style.

The Italian Influence: A Fusion of Minds

Luca Di Berardino, with a background in law and commerce, found destiny intertwining his path with Shane's in the United States. From their deep-rooted friendship, 11 Threads Roma emerged—a synthesis of Luca's Italian sophistication and Shane's Caribbean aesthetic. Together, they envisioned a brand that transcends borders, captivating global fashion enthusiasts.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

Shane's creative odyssey began two decades ago, designing carnival costumes in Trinidad. Fueled by the colorful and energetic vibes of his homeland, he gained acclaim for his innovative designs. Relocating to Miami in 2020, Shane delved into the world of swimwear, mastering the art of pattern-making and sewing to breathe life into his visions.

Specialties: Swimwear, Resort Wear, and Glam Wear

Dive into our world of specialties—swimwear, resort wear, and glam wear. Our swimwear is a statement in itself, featuring bold prints and flattering cuts designed to instill confidence and style by the water. The resort wear collection embodies effortless elegance, from flowing maxi dresses to sophisticated cover-ups, ensuring you exude luxury and comfort wherever you go.

Commitment to Sustainable Fashion

At 11 Threads Roma, we champion the importance of sustainable fashion. Recognizing the environmental impact of the industry, we prioritize eco-friendly materials and production practices. Our carefully selected luxury fabrics epitomize both quality and sustainability, echoing our commitment to a greener future for fashion.

Experience the 11 Threads Roma Difference

Embark on our journey as we aspire to become a global fashion leader, weaving sustainability into the fabric of our brand. Follow us on social media and explore our collections today—where cultural fusion meets timeless luxury.